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About us

   MAC Jewelry was created in 2016.  I started years ago making my own jewelry. Then made a couple of pieces for friends and family. I asked myself, where can I find a place that carries nice pieces of fashion jewelry that I can buy,  without paying over the top pricing?  Why not buy fashion jewelry that is made to last more than a couple of wears?  In my search for such a store, I realized that quality fashion jewelry isn’t readily available. That was when I decided to combine my passion of working with natural stones and making quality gold filled jewelry.  Everything evolved from there.  That’s when MAC Jewelry was created.                                                                           Designing and creating fashion jewelry pieces. Now, two years in business, we have started a men's line, Graduation Money Lei's and House parties.  I hope you enjoy shopping here as much as I love creating the pieces you wear.

                                                                                                 **Please contact Cynthia via Email at for questions.

Wholesale pricing available.