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Sparkle Ribbon Lei

  • $44.50

Sparkle Ribbon Lei

  • Made from Satin Ribbon

  • These lei’s are custom made, once you select the 1-2 colors you would like in your lei.

Colors to select from


    1. Royal Blue
    2. Navy Blue
    3. Yellow
    4. Yellow/Gold
    5. Maroon
    6. Red
    7. Light Blue
    8. White
    9. Green
    10. Black
  • The length of the braided ribbon is 34-36” long with an additional 6-8 inch on each end for tying a bow.
  • When placing order: add Color information as well as School Initials, (school initials are limited to 4 characters) in the note field. If you have several lei's you are ordering at the same time you can call/text and we will simplify the order process by notating the info for you, on the order.
  •                                                 Call/text  714-390-4029 or email:


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